Talcum Powder

Another Study Links Talcum Powder to Ovarian Cancer

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PPI Drugs Linked to Kidney Disease

Correlation Between Prevalent Heartburn & Stomach Acid Drugs and Kidney Disease

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Transvaginal Mesh

Attorneys General Sue Johnson & Johnson over Pelvic Mesh Complications

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Pharma Perks to Prescribing Name-Brand Drugs

Correlation Between Prevalent Heartburn & Stomach Acid Drugs and Kidney Disease

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Recent Studies Continue to Illustrate Bleeding Risk

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Marketed to Pregnant Women Linked to Birth Defects

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FDA Orders New Warnings and Clinical Studies

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Stryker Corp. Hip Implant

FDA Issues Class I Recall For Stryker Device Used In Spinal Surgeries

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New Study: IVC Filters May Not Be Worth the Risk

We’ve previously reported on IVC filters—small, cage-like devices designed to prevent blood clots from reaching the lungs, and most commonly used in patients that cannot take blood-thinners or for whom blood-thinners are not effective.

Unfortunately, the “temporary” and “retrievable” devices are often anything but. In 2014, the Food and Drug Administration warned that IVC devices can move inside the body or break up into tiny pieces, causing serious injury to the heart, lungs, or other organs.

Report: Medical Device Manufacturers Misclassify Patient Deaths in Reporting to FDA

Most people reasonably believe that when a product is cleared by the Food and Drug Administration, there has at least been some kind of independent review of the product. Many probably assume that the review is ongoing, so long as the product remains in use. Unfortunately, this is rarely true. The FDA relies on pharmaceutical companies to be truthful about their own products. As expected, profits and human error can get in the way.

More Than Fifteen Million Americans Use Heartburn Drugs Each Year – Why Weren’t They Warned About Possible Kidney Injury?

You’ve seen the commercials: one pill a day—zero heartburn! Maybe you even read the previous sentence in the voice of Larry the Cable Guy. But what you haven’t seen in those commercials are the risks. Because over-the-counter medications are regulated differently than prescription medications, the “OTC” versions of popular heartburn medicines are not required to disclose in commercials the potential health risks associated with the drugs.

Even More Warnings for Transvaginal Mesh

Boston Scientific Corporation announced this summer that it is once again adding new warnings to the labels for its surgical mesh devices. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the products will now warn of “ongoing pain.” The labels will also finally disclose that mesh devices are permanent implants, that removal may be complicated or impossible, and that treatment for post-implant complications may require surgical removal of the device.

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